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After the  Evaluation of the URCC by  Hilda and Jules in October-November 2016, URCC Pastors have started explaining the "Procedures Administratives et Financières Simples" to the Local Church leaders in Mbujimayi. Rev. Constantin Ilunga Katambayi, Graduate from ISRT, explains the local Church Budget to the Participants in URCC Bupuekele in Mbujimayi.

From February 25 to March 4 for the CEN members, and March 6 for the Dutch GK-V membres of the  UM/DVN, a partnership meeting will be held in  Mbujimayi. This will be to celebrate the seven years of the partnership, discussion of the  Évaluation Reactions, and a look towards the possibilty of a new "Accord de Coopération". We pray our Lord for this exchange period  of time and fraternal communion.   ~ Rev. KM Kabongo, CEN President